Thursday, March 30, 2006


Diversity in the Workplace - Searches and URLs

There is a critical need for Diversity in the Workplace. In our ever-changing world, where people are able to move from the lands of their ancestors with ease, our clientele is constantly changing and successful businesses will need to reflect the diverse nature and needs of their market.

With all of this comes a veritable mudslide of possible conflicts. The main question is "can workplace conflict be stopped?" So says Brian Moore of Africa Dreams

Here follows a long list of current internet search phrases linked to a few companies that can help:-


Mthimkhulu International
Brian Moore
Arthie Moore

Africa Dreams
Celebrating Humanity

Eskom Diversity Training & Eskom Diversity Management

Eskom Diversity
Eskom Teambuilding
Eskom Team-building

Eskom Team building
eskom - management diversity

eskom - diversity
Eskom Diversity Training
Eskom Diversity Management

Diversity training eskom
managing diversity eskom

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